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Darkness Arises
Deep & Dark


Heartbreaker | Some Poems | Deep & Dark


The Deep & Dark One Will Always Be.....Matt....
Poor thing is getting old...He'll be 25 this yr(2004) hehehe
He's a very good friend and a talented young man..Likes the dark side of things, but is very cool..
He's into cemetaries and the unnatural...wants to conjour demons and crazy stuff like that...
But all in all we've been very close for the past 2 yrs and are still kickin.....
He also plays guitar and is working on an album cover...Good luck to him!!
also i must say he is the best kisser i ever kissed hehehe
He's thinking of rejoining the military and taking some kind of classes in college..he's hoping to do both together & tho i would miss him dearly if he left...i'd still be happy for him if he was doing something he wanted to do..
And i would support him just like any of the other troops out there and wish him greatest luck and safe return home..
Matt's a really special guy to me & i'm quite greatful to him already...
He's also a Taurus..So becareful!!!