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Darkness Arises
Some Poems

A spark lights a fire deep within

Neither way I go can I win

Not giving up nor giving in

The truest feelings held in




Look into my eyes

Dont be afraid of what you might find

Deep into my eyes

See if you can discover the mystery that lies


They show what we could share

Touch my body

And you will see all the happiness that can be

Touch my soul

Watch me lose control

The touch of your skin

Makes me shiver within



Here's one that I sent into


Its called....
The Journey Into Love

We walk hand in hand

As we go through the twisted

Tangled webs.

The darkness surrounds us

In the night

Yet a full moon hangs

Over the water

As if it were watching

Over it.

She shines over us

Giving us light

And comfort

Her little helpers twinkle

Above us

Guiding us

Unto the journey

Of the unknown

And nonworry

Just pure peace

At one with each other

Just pure happiness,

True love.



Another one I wrote one night....


Its called...




Walk into the night

The night of the unknown

Pitch black sky sheds no light

No light to guide you


Alone but not afraid

You cannot be afraid

Oh no you can't be afraid


Afraid of the path you chosen to go

Afraid of the love you have

Afraid of the ones you lost

Afraid of yourself

And the pain that has engulfed you


I walk up to you

and look deep into your eyes

Moving closer

just inches from your lips


 to not yet touch them with my own

Taking your hand in mine

I look up

and see you staring at me

Running a hand over your face

Pulling you closer into a beautiful embrace

Pressing my lips to yours

You take me in your arms

Holding me close enough to feel your beating heart

12:28am  1-17-03

The most beautiful eyes so enticing yet deceiving

The lips so warm yet speak cold words

The strong arms that hold me close feel so icy


What happened to the love we once shared

Now just torn apart by hate


Pain and love are together in one

We get pain when were in love

And return love when were in pain

They dance together hand in hand


Dare to touch the hand of pain

To feel the love it holds



The mystery you possess

Draws me in

The beauty in your eyes

Can make me melt

At the gentle touch of your fingertips

The wanting of being close to you

With the fear of the unknowing


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