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Queen Of The Night


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Even More

I just had to throw in my drunk as hell picture hahaha
i did a really nice number on my knees that night...
i got invited to the dio,scorpions, deep purple show with a friend of mine and his friends...and then he also invited my girl Mindy...
story goes..that we were all headin up to antioch and we were late...all but the driver drinking..i had 13 beers and we stopped at an atm machine..i seen blockbusters (thinkin they'd have a public restroom), so here i go runnin toward the place jumpin over the humps w/ mulch n trees and on the 2nd one i fall..and fall hard... i jumped right back up and jogged there..dude said no public rr. so i went back to the van passin a cop comin outta a pizza place..
so i get back to the van and mindy is freakin out askin if im ok since i was bleedin from the knees...i told her i was fine just had to pee....
people dont drink and run and jump if u fall it does hurt!!!!