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Fire & Ice


Dark Dreams Mystery
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Dark Dreams Mystery

23 years old now...also jobless for the time being..i'm gonna try finding one kinda soon..i finally toughed it up and got myself a tattoo..gonna be getting 2 more and that will be it..

as for me...i'm originally from meriden, ct..home state of the UCONN Huskies!! hehehe..i moved down to this lil hick town when i was 8...Saturn!..

i'm not big for the small town life...either give me country (lotta land and far from neighbors lol), moutains (like new hampshire), or city (like woburn, ma) hehehe...

yeah i moved around a bit..from ct to to to nh..nh to back to nh then back to tn..where i am today


i don't have a boyfriend yet, but i'm also not looking either...when i look i find assholes..i ended up meeting a really cool guy end of january..he's got a great sense of sarcastic humor..i like he's totally hot hehe...


things i like to enjoy doing consist of...listening to music..i'm a lover of almost all kinds..mostly rock tho..i cant dance...only headbang...i love horror, thriller and psychological movies...along w/ classics, some comedy and of course chick flicks...cant forget action and drama too :0)~~


i live with my dad and our cat Baby..she's old and meows a lot but i still love mom lives in nh with her mom...which is where the rest of most of that side of my family is...i miss them and nh its really pretty up there...


i like to hang with my friends, go to bars, clubs and bowling alleys tho i don't bowl hehe...i like to play pool and canasta..sometimes chess...

used to love horseback riding but i never even get to be around horses anymore..i wanna horsie!!

i also like to read young adult..carlos castanada and a few other books..few hard reads and need Dante's Inferno again thanx to one of my exs..

i write poems and used to write short stories at times..i miss my old style in writing but i cant complain too much...

i'd like to learn the keyboard some day and try to get into some kinda martial arts....

i got some flexiblity down hehe


i guess thats it on me for now...if you wanna know more just contact me...i don't bite...hard


i also don't believe in "God" anymore...i've expanded my mind a i've always been interested in witchcraft and wicca....but i was born and raised a Catholic...





pictures of the mystery woman hehehe

I never know what Chinese animal I am since some say I'm Monkey and some say Rooster...

But I enjoy astrology, horoscopes and witchcraft..


I also have a love and respect for cemetaries, the night, the sky...especially the stars on a nice warm summer night and a full moon...


By The Way......I'm also an Air sign...January 26th 1981....Rising sign of Aries...Yes I'm Air/Fire....nice huh hehehe